Reddragon Steeldart 23g verschiedene Farben 90%

Sehr standardmäßiger Barrel. Ähnlich zum Navigator 3.

Mit Prime ohne Versandkosten.

90 Prozent tungsten Barrel.

Ich denke es ist ein optimaler Einsteiger-Dart und gerade jetzt zur Dart-WM villeicht für ein paar Leute interessant.


  • Set of 3 x 23 Gram 90% deluxe quality Red Dragon tungsten darts, perfect for professionals looking to up their game, beginners seeking a starting point, and everyone in between.
  • Customised colour options – these fantastic darts come with the option to choose a colour that suits you. This darts set allows you to perform at the oche in style.
  • 2 x Stems – the raider series come with shafts, ready to play your game (designs may vary)
  • 2 x flights – You will receive 2 x sets of matching colour flights (designs may vary)
  • Bar wallet – the Raider Series comes with your very own bar wallet, allowing you to store and protect your darts. This is ideal for both storage at home, and travelling to play.