Viktor on the Moon and Panic! At The Groomers.

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Congress grills Facebook exec on Instagram’s harmful effect on children

“Facebook knows the disruptive consequences that Instagram’s design and algorithms are having on young people in our society, but it has routinely prioritized its own rapid growth over basic safety for our children,” said Richard Blumenthal, the chair of the subcommittee, in his opening statement.

“This research is a bombshell,” Blumenthal said. “It is powerful, gripping, riveting evidence that Facebook knows of the harmful effects of its site on children, and that it has concealed those facts and findings.”

Blumenthal noted that his office conducted its own research into Instagram, posing as a 13-year-old girl and following accounts associated with eating disorders to see what Instagram would recommend. It found the platform sent the account further into the rabbit hole of harmful content.

“Our research shows right now, in real time, Instagram’s recommendations latch on to a person’s insecurities, a young woman’s vulnerability, about their bodies and drag them into dark places that glorify eating disorders and self-harm,” said Blumenthal.

Facebook Struggles to Quell Uproar Over Instagram’s Effect on Teens: The social network has been all hands on deck as it grapples with revelations that it knew the harmful effects its Instagram photo-sharing app was having on teenagers.

The Meme is the Message: Good writeup by Taraneh Azar about the state of art of memetics. I personally think about memes more in terms of synchronization and perceptive forcefields than in singular units of information and funny images, but for a start this is quite useful.

What happens when the experience of celebrity becomes universal? We turn into assholes who surveil each other and gossip about it online. I told you about this very mechanism in my very first talk, 5 or 6 years ago. I’m not very worried about state surveillance, but other private citizens hacking my shit, doxing my shit, stalking and gossiping my shit gives me the creeps. Also, this needs no algorithm, no facebook and no capitalism. This is pure networking + mass of people, which is enoug to turn us all into gossiping emo-stasi-assholes, especially about the other, and that’s absolutely not totalitarian at all.

We have now all been granted a power once reserved for totalitarian governments. A not particularly industrious fourteen-year-old can learn more about a person in a shorter amount of time than a team of K.G.B. agents could have done sixty years ago. The teen could see who you know, where you’ve been, which TV shows you like and don’t like; the gossip that you pass along and your political opinions and bad jokes and feuds; your pets’ names, your cousins’ faces, and your crushes and their favorite haunts. With a bit more work, that teen could get your home address and your current employer. But it’s the ability to access the texture of everyday life that makes this power so awesome. It’s possible to get inside the head of just about anyone who has a presence on the social Web, because chances are they are broadcasting their emotional states in real time to the entire world.

Technology Is Making It Harder to Tell Right From Wrong

Of all memes that spread online, gossipy shit is the worst. It brought us gamergate (and Trump in its wake) and the outrage web and if you gossip online, I consider you a bad person who simply has no clue about what they are doing. Ofcourse, of all people doing gossip online, it’s Trolls, the internet psychopaths, who are the worst offenders.

They saw a YouTube video. Then they got Tourette’s: Hundreds of young people are displaying strikingly similar tic-like behaviours. But is it Tourette’s, or something more mysterious?

Cullen Hoback · The Joe Rogan Experience: Cullen Hoback is an investigative filmmaker whose latest doc series „Q: Into The Storm“ is now available on HBO Max.

Everybody is an expert at something and in todays media landscape, everybody gets to experience what Holden Karnofsky calls „Gell-Mann Earworms“, that is: A constant distrust in journalistic media.

Study: Left-wing authoritarians share key psychological traits with far right: The most beatiful headline about this comes from The Atlantic: „The Experts Somehow Overlooked Authoritarians on the Left„. „Somehow“ is cute. „Somehow“ 80-90% of all scientists in the humanities lean left, so „somehow“ they overlooked their own extremism.

Neuer UN-BerichtWelt steuert auf 2,7 Grad Erwärmung zu: Bei der Erderwärmung befindet sich die Welt auf einem „katastrophalen Weg“ – das ist das Fazit eines neuen UN-Klimaberichts. Laut Generalsekretär Guterres drohen 2,7 Grad mehr und ein „massiver Verlust von Menschenleben“.

Lässt sich Wachstum von Wirtschaft und CO2-Emissionen entkoppeln: Ich sehe den direkten Zusammenhang nicht. In einem Gedankenexperiment lässt sich die komplette Energieversorgung auf Atomkraft und Elektromotoren umstellen, bei gleichem Wachstum und gleichem Wirtschaften. Allerdings, erwähne mal jemand Atomkraft bei Klima-Aktivisten. An der Erwägung von Atomkraft erkennt man meines Erachtens die Leute, die das Problem Klimawandel ernst nehmen. Angesichts von einem mittleren globalen Temperaturanstieg von 2,7°C und mehr bis 2100 (siehe oben) sollten die Prioritäten eigentlich klar sein. Hier der Artikel in der Zeit: Degrowth ist auch keine Option. Also: Noah Smith.

10x more microplastics in small children than in adults

Artificial intelligence may be set to reveal climate-change tipping points

More wishful thinking from activist journo at Vice: Solarpunk Is Not About Pretty Aesthetics. It’s About the End of Capitalism and yes, Solarpunk is first and foremost about aesthetics – I’d even argue that the basic solarpunk aesthetics with all the slick solar panes on roofs in green urban areas are deeply capitalist in a sense that they visualize green growth. (Activists call „green growth“ a myth, but I learned to distrust any and all activists and their agendas. I neither see a direct coupling of growth and carbon emissions nor a coupling of capitalism with destruction or pollution.)

Lab-grown meat is supposed to be inevitable. The science tells a different story. Paul Wood dissects a future report from the Good Food Institute about Labmeat and it doesn’t look, erm, good. The needed scale of bioreactors to grow meat seems unmanageable, at least in the predicted timeframe. Labmeat seems not a viable solution for climate change in the next 20 years, I’m afraid.

Deepfake Porn: When Tech Ruins Women’s Lives

Artificial Intelligence Completed Beethoven’s Unfinished Tenth Symphony: On October 9, the work will be performed in Bonn, Germany, and a recording will be released.

MoonCats Explained 😸 I consider 99% of all NFTs as „non-art“, more FX-like scribbles or Illustrations (without illustrating anything). It’s all meaningless fluff sold for trillions and billions of cryptomoney to rich kids. However, I do consider the concept itself, the NFT-market and it’s economy of licenses, as an artwork. It speaks and says something about the art world, its hypecycles and fashions, about the looming web3 that is supposedly decentralized while making every interaction into a transaction with a permanent record. And THIS shit gets blown up with badly drawn crap like MoonCats or stupid Apes or PixelPunks as if FlipFlopFlying never existed. Crypto is a scam.

Fortnite maker believes Facebook and Google broke the Internet. This is Epic’s plan to fix it.: My translation: All the kids hang out at Fortinte but we have no clue how to turn this social factor into a market so our engineers are working hard in the background to create Protocols and APIs for brands, so we can sell access to the place were the cool kids hang out. And we blah around that fact with a lot of buzzwords. Ofcourse, „Metaverse“ is a nice metaphor for the convergence of socmed and games and the concept delivers some nice food for thought about digital identity. But these buzzword driven writeups full of meaningless fluff do not help on the way.

GAN Output Trained on NSFW Danbooru Dataset

AI-3D-Meshes from Nikolay Jetchev

These Deepfake Voices Can Help Trans Gamers: „Players of online games can be harassed when their voices don’t match their gender identity. New AI-fueled software may help.“
Not sure if the best way for harassed people with identity issues is hiding behind a fake voice, but then again: whatever helps, I guess.

Ausstellung „Deep Fakes: Art and Its Double“ noch bis Februar 2022 in den EPFL Pavilions, Lausanne, Schweiz:

As artificial intelligence re-performs and reprocesses the visible, it is exposing the optical unconscious of art, questioning objecthood itself. With its propensity for peripheral vision, machine learning has amplified the possible futures for curatorial and artistic practices, antagonizing outdated notions of authority, authenticity and access. Harnessing artificial intelligence approaches for art reproduction, cultural deep fakes are generating perpetually new archival artefacts, concurrently formed and formless.

Cultural deep fakes have manifold significance. They are technologically empowered to offer forensic insights into invisible dimensions, generating unforeseen hypotheses and connections. These panaesthetic art-science phenomena also propagate powerful auras that rise to the surface entangled with the sensory and affective qualities of their originating sources.

Mit am interessantesten:

In the interactive installation, Clouds of the ancient world, eight ancient sites are modelled in 3D photogrammetric point cloud, each of them keystones of early civilization and ancient culture, and all listed as UNESCO world heritage sites.

The Confucian Body: Rite of Archery: Produced as part of the ongoing research project titled Remaking Confucian Rites, the present Provincial Archery Competition reconstruction is based on the renewed philological study of the Yili (Book of Etiquette and Rites), a performance manual that describes rituals recorded by disciples of Confucius in the 5th century BCE.

Helin is a sculpture and video project probing individual human and artistic intent with a highly autonomous technology such as machine learning. Created from an initial dataset of 120,000 3D scans of historical busts to train a custom network architecture to generate a composite model.

Notre-Dame de Paris VR Experience based on the 3D assets from ‚Assassin’s Creed: Unity‘ by Ubisoft

ScanLAB’s long-running collaboration with Sir John Soane’s Museum provides the groundwork for their latest video Replica / Real / Replica as it bridges the museum’s facsimiles, their original locations captured by LiDAR scanning, and supplemented by seminal digital datasets from collaborators at the Factum Foundation and The Polytechnic University of Turin.

Viktor on the Moon Viktor Leth has never been on a date. When going on his first date ever, he accidentally sits down at the wrong table with the slightly older and married Rebekka. She is looking for an adventure away from her marriage and finds Viktor funny. This will be the start of a weird and wild night for the two of them, where Viktor learns more about life and love than most people do in one night. Perhaps because he’s Viktor Leth.

A Band of Thieves The story of a young, western-obsessed girl hell-bent on turning her quiet Texas suburb into the lawless playground of her imagination.

Lee Hardcastle did 36 Stop-Motion-Animations featuring Rick and Morty in claymation


Don’t piss in the river at legendary Glastonbury Festival, the eels get high: Drugs in urine from Glastonbury festival ‘pose threat to rare eels’.

Levels of illegal drugs found running through a river near Glastonbury festival were so high they could be harming wildlife, scientists have warned.

Researchers discovered environmentally damaging levels of substances such as MDMA and cocaine in the water after the last festival in 2019, which could be affecting wildlife further downstream, including rare populations of eels.

The experts are now urging greenfield festivalgoers to use the official toilets provided by organisers, as it is thought the drugs can enter nearby rivers through public urination.

The Shitpost Caligrapher

2,400 LED Icosahedron (20 Sided)

„The strongest steel is forged in the fire of a dumpster“ (They don’t ship these stickers into the EU, so I made my own.)

Found a prison that has been converted to an influencer hotel ! 🥰


Here’s a gentleman with a fetish for drawings of female Simpsons-characters dressed as blue ninjas kicking stuff around and it just keeps getting weirder.

TIL about soaking.

Squirrel stores thousands of nuts inside man’s parked truck

So, the modern variant of Love Parade is called Drum’n’Bass on a Bike.

3D-Renderings by Jonathan Ball

2006: Dwarf Fortress – by Aaron A. Reed – 50 Years of Text Games

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