TV tonight: reopening a 54-year-old murder cold case

TV tonight

Emilia Fox and criminologist David Wilson investigate the killing of a teenage member of the RAF. Plus, chasing the drugs in Before We Die. Here’s what to watch this evening

Wed 23 Jun 2021 06.10 BST

In the Footsteps of Killers: The Murder of Rita Ellis

10pm, Channel 4

Emilia Fox and criminologist Prof David Wilson’s series investigating notorious cold cases comes to a close with the 1967 murder of teenage member of the RAF Rita Ellis. The unsolved case poses a specific set of challenges for the pair – namely tracking down witness testimonies and other potential suspects from 54 years ago. A string of contemporaneous sex attacks might hold the key to identifying the killer, though, along with a harrowing account from a survivor. Ammar Kalia

Location, Location, Location: 20 Years and Counting

8pm, Channel 4

Phil and Kirstie continue to celebrate 20 years of squabbling over house-hunting with a look back at some of their more demanding customers. They catch up with musicians Me’sha and Darren, who looked at 70 homes before calling in the king and queen of property. Hannah Verdier

Burning Sky

8.30pm, PBS America

Bravo Crater at Bikini Atoll, site of the devastating 1954 explosion. Photograph: Pixelstock/Alamy

When, on 1 March 1954, a 15-megaton hydrogen bomb was detonated over Bikini Atoll in the Pacific, the explosion was twice as large as anticipated and wiped out almost all life there. This documentary traces the stories of the marines who set off the bomb and who were exposed to devastating doses of radiation. AK

Before We Die

9pm, Channel 4

The penultimate episode and Billy and Hannah have finally figured out exactly how the Mimicas intend to smuggle their Colombian pixie dust into the UK. It’s just they have no idea where or when it’s going to be delivered. The Mimicas may get away with it, too – until Bianca makes a key discovery. Ali Catterall

Prodigal Son

9pm, Sky One

More improbable crime intrigue, in the series in which Michael Sheen’s serial killer join forces with his FBI profiler offspring to catch bad guys. This week, a murder at Bright’s old boarding school brings back difficult memories from his childhood, and Martin gets closer to fellow inmate Friar. Hannah J Davies

Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back

11.05pm, Channel 4

Everyone’s favourite shouty chef is back on the road in the US, aiming to revitalise local eateries in only a day. In this special, Ramsay visits three businesses in Ellicott City, Maryland, all of which suffered flood damage in 2016 and 2018. Such a huge job requires more than the 24-hour limit. AK

Hello sailor … John Mills and Kay Walsh in This Happy Breed from 1944. Photograph: RONALD GRANT

Film choice

This Happy Breed, 12.45pm, Film4
David Lean’s first solo effort in 1944 from a script by Noël Coward. It’s a fascinating picture of a lower-middle-class family between the wars, low-key and convincing, and set in what looks to be an authentic Clapham in south London The admirable cast includes Robert Newton, Stanley Holloway, John Mills and Kay Walsh. Paul Howlett

Live sport

Cricket: England v Sri Lanka 6pm, Sky Sports Main Event. First T20 in the three-match series, from Cardiff.

Uefa Euro 2020 Football: Portugal v France 7.30pm, BBC One. Group F match from Puskas Arena, Budapest.

Uefa Euro 2020 Football: Germany v Hungary 7.30pm, BBC Two. Live from Fussball Arena, Munich.













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