‘King of SNS’ Jungkook returns to Twitter after a long time and trends worldwide while setting new milestones with his blonde hair selfies

After a long time, Jungkook posted two selcas on Weverse and Twitter. He broke many records showing strong social media influence, trended #1 Worldwide and #1 in South Korea! The King of SNS returns strong once again. He trended in many different languages with 50 related keywords to his name

He trended with nearly 2M tweets and dominated the South Korea trends. Many Jungkook related terms trended, in many languages, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Portuguese, English, etc., proving his ‘Worldwide It Boy’ title. Jungkook is missed and loved so much around the world. 

Korea trends

#1 금발셀카

#2 우리 정구기

#17 정구기 셀카

#19 정구기 너무

Jungkook trended on both the main pages of Korea’s biggest platforms NAVER and NATE, showing popularity in his home country. 

Jungkook trended Worldwide for 5 hours at #1. He started trending straight at #1. Jungkook trended #1 in the US, which is commonly known as ‘Jungkook’s land’ due to him trending a lot in that country. 

Jungkook trended in Twipple Japan at #1 and in Tsuiran Japan Celebrity Chart for 4 hours. 

Jungkook trended on Google USA and India.

Jungkook’s selca breaks Twitter’s record of being the fastest tweet to reach 600K comments in just 9 hours and 46 minutes. They are also the fastest tweet to reach 200K, 300K, 400K, 500K comments on Twitter. (He held the old records too).

– 200K Comments in 6 Min

– 300K Comments in 13 Min

– 400K Comments in 41 Min

– 500K comments in 2 hours and 44 minutes 

– 600K comments in 9 hours and 46 minutes 

Jungkook now holds the record for the #1 (Never Not ?) AND #2 (?) most commented tweets in Twitter’s history, both with over 600K replies, as of now. 

Jungkook’s blonde selfie has surpassed 2M Likes in just 8hours28mins, which is the fastest individual tweet to achieve this milestone. It’s the second overall BTS tweet to achieve this; the fastest tweet record is also held by Jungkook, a tweet posted by member Jimin on Jungkook’s birthday, showing immense impact and popularity that caused the tweet to reach 2M likes in 7 hours on his Jungkook’s birthday. 

BRAVO Magazine, a large news outlet in Brazil, reported on Jungkook’s cute blonde selfies.