New Recipe – T-Online for german speakers (readers)

News from Germany about almost any Theme we want.

It is not possible to put all inside the recipe!
So a make a decision.
This one shows:


  # all possible feeds look at:
    # there are tons of feeds, may you just type the words of intrest
    # after the link.
    feeds          = [
        ('NEWS', ''),
        ('News Ticker', ''),
        ('Fuball DE',''),
        ('Fuball int.',''),  
        ('Formel 1', ''),
        ('Freizeit', ''),
        ('Ratgeber', ''),
        ('Tourismus', ''),
        ('TV', ''),
        ('Wetter', ''),
        ('Hamburg', ''),
        ('Berlin', ''),
        ('Frankfurt', ''),
        ('Mnchen', ''),

As i wrote, there are many more. If you live in e.g. ‚Herford‘ – a small city near ‚Bielefeld‘ you could news from there.

Insert a line like


 ('Herford', ''),

into the recipe.

Or may be 😉 India? Asia?


        ('Indien', ''),
        ('Asia', ''),
        ('Asien', ''),

There a much, much more . Look at the alphabetical list on top of side:

I insert „free“ pictures in the recipe.
have fun